High quality audio is the difference between hearing and listening, between noise and sound. Our audio systems are among the most sophisticated in the business, and we can scale our solutions from product launches to rock concerts.

PA hire for live gigs, festival and events
PA and sound engineers for live gigs, festival and events

We have the expertise, experience and sound systems to provide the perfect sound experience, whatever the venue, whatever the occasion. By using the finest sound equipment on the market we provide the finest audio experience for our clients.

PA Systems

CAVS can supply, install and set up PA systems for small conferences, right up to large outdoor performances, festivals and gigs. Our highly experienced sound engineers and audio technicians load-in, setup, mix and EQ our cutting edge rigs to bring every detail to life. We use best-in class equipment including amps, mics, speakers, monitors, desks, crossovers and of course DSP and FX racks for when the vocals need a touch of sparkle! Our PA rigs range in size from lightweight 200w mini-systems all the way up big line arrays for festivals and stadiums shows.

Sound Engineers

Our hugely experienced sound engineering crew can soundcheck and mix front-of-house and stage sound for any size gig, indoors or outdoors and across any genre from theatre, classical, dance music to rock ‘n roll! We supply and rig all mics, preamps, DIs etc. for drums, vocals, guitar amps and and accoustic instruments, brass, pianos etc.

CAVS is a member of the worldwide L’Acoustics Rental Network.

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